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 A Devout Christian who once use to you perform in a slew of night clubs in South Beach, Nicholas "Nak" Daniels is no alien to the Hip Hop Community. But to the world of "Christian Rap", he's about as fresh as a pair of nikes straight out the box. Born and raised in Miami,Fl, Nak (Nothing Above King) first earned a name for him self through a local indie label called Born 2 Entertain formed by him and a close friend. But his passion for the message in his music began to deteriorate when he recognized the negative influence his lyrics had on the younger generation. Compelled to change his lifestyle, Nak took a step back from rap and a step closer to God.


Head of a miami-based movement titled Nothing Over God, Nak's music has now become ministry. His once prideful, self-seeking lyrics are now humble, selfless, and most definitely God Fearing. A million records sold is no longer his goal, but a million lives sold to Jesus Christ is the motivation that drives this aspiring MC. 


"Now that I'm aware of the opposition, I will never stop serving Jesus in my music nor my lyrics" says Nak.

Born Michael A. Johnson Jr, Miykael somehow always knew that he was different from everybody else as he grow up. Under the constant nurturing of his evangelistic grandmother, Miykael had the Word of God constantly around him. His grandmother used to read and teach him about how God loved him and that one day he would be used in a mighty way for the Lord. Miykael was asked what he wanted to be when he grow up and he told his grandmother "a preacher." His grandmother played a very important part in his life, he wasn't even old enough to read or write yet his grandmother still took time out of her day just to read and talk to him about God. Later at the age of 6 he accepted the Lord in his heart. He was taught and memorized Psalm 23 at the age of 13, his mother later told him that night to pray for protection because she knew her son possessed a special gift. As he fell into a deep sleep he had a dream where a demon came to him in the form of a girl and was trying to kill him, but he remembered what he was taught and begin quoting Psalm 23 and the demon girl fell down screaming and yelling for him to stop until she disappeared. Miykael had to learn many hard lessons through life experiances based mainly on his choice to sin. After the Lord had broken him enough Miykael submitted and committed his life back to the Lord vowing to do everything God has given him to destroy all the principalities and powers of darkness, in the Jesus Christ's Name. Miykael understood that the Lord had to allow him to go through the wilderness before he entered the promise land. Now, using the art of music, Miykael is determined to to expose the devil and his tactics to a dying generation in desperate need of the Lord Jesus.


Wise (also known as M- R (dot) Wise and The Shepherd born Damien Williams on November 22 is an undisputed king of a new era of hip hop). Hailing from Miami Dade County, his style is so unique, versatile and almost like a young Picasso, the way he paints pictures over beats. A MC in his own right with street B-Boy battles, and lyrical rhymes that makes his songs so real, that once you hear it you know he is a superstar. Multi-faceted Artist/ CEO who is hungry and rips every joint he spits on.
In an era when every rapper claims to be a hustler, you'd be hard pressed to find an MC who actually defines every characteristic. The Miami native possesses the type of creativity uncommonly seen in hip hop. Wise is changing the content of what hip hop use to be with his remarkable songwriting all combine into something totally fresh.
Wise has been quietly plotting his takeover of the phenomenon we know as Hip Hop. Possessing a flow that sounds as classic as a Keith Murray tune, with charisma more contagious then the common cold, Wise is the definition of what happens when skills and swagger are mixed into one powerhouse.
Just listening you might find the biggest shocker, as you bob your head and oohh at punchlines, is that h is a Gospel rapper. He says "I'm not some guy who was in the church and always wanted to be Lil wayne or Jay-Z but I was Given the gift to be whatever I made it and it was a choice to give that gift back to the giver, God"
Since 1994 the Miami native has built an unmatched catalog of advanced Hip-Hop music. With the release of his first gospel mixtape "My Brother's Keeper (the gospel according to Wise) the fans, and DJs hasve weighed in with only compliments. Spend two minutes with Wise and you will see why people unite behind his unique style. He is the Hood's Hope aka The Shepherd

 Daven Corday Zeigler also known as (King David) is a well-known gospel hip hop artist, actor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of KINGS ENTERTAIMENT INC. Daven has had one successful album named COMPLETION, and has released a new mix tape entitled C.O.E Christ Over Everything, pouring his heart out for the Lord with 17 powerful tracks. Daven has opened up for some of hip hops most well know artist such as Ludacris just to name a few. He has also star in many hit plays such as RIGHT LOVE WRONG TIME, LIL HAITI (The Untold Story) and STRENGTH OF A WOMAN written and produced by Yonel Aris. Daven has also opened up for other well known comedians /actors such as Tyler Perry’s David Mann better known as Mr. Brown. Daven was born in Miami, FL and was raised in the heart of the city which is also called the pork-n-bean projects. Being the youngest of his mothers’ six children and not having a father figure, daven seek attention through other sources.  “We never had much but GOD always made a way” he says “I stared down guns from being robbed, and I also was a robber myself, and this is what I was raised around for 18 years of my life”. But on that 18th year he received Jesus into his heart as his Lord, and he was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Joshua Caleb White b.k.a. "DJ PK a.k.a. Malachi".. He was born and raised in Miami Fl. Malachi was born July 14,1981. He is the 3rd son of Pastor Arthur and Cynthia White. 

He has been save and been in Rap Ministry over 10 years.. He is the Vice President of Kinfolk Music Group and radio Deejay for Wmbm 1490am. From the Church to the Streets. The Lord uses Preacher Kid to take the Gospel and present it in a Radical But Righteous way... With the support of his City and streets. He has been able to unite artist and groups to make a change in the Music Industry. He is a Manager, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer,DJ and Musician... For more info go to


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